Facebook Describes How Content For Your News Feeds Are Selected

Facebook Describes How Content For Your News Feeds Are Selected

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Facebook recently described to its users, how they are selecting or prioritizing the content for the News Feed. Facebook mentioned that the content or posts are been filtered based on the signals and how the users have customized their feed.

In comparison to a single algorithm, the News Feed ranking method is based on multiple layers of machine learning models to predict the most important content for the user. According to Facebook, News Feed is constantly been updated by the list of stories in the middle of the home page of every user. It can include photos, videos, status updates, app activity, Pages and Groups that you follow on Facebook, and many more.

Posts that you see on your News Feed are meant to keep you connected with your friends and family and also with the places and things that you care about the most. The ones that top on your News Feed are highly influenced by your connections and activities on the social media platform.

The number of comments, likes, and replies a post receives and what sort of post it is will also make it more likely to appear higher in your News Feed. Posts in the News Feed that you might see above include:

  • A friend or family member who comments on or likes a picture or status change of another friend
  • An individual reacting to a post that a friend has posted from a publisher
  • Several people react to feedback from each other on a video they watched or an article they read in the News Feed

Often a post you’ve already seen will travel to the top of the News Feed because it has been liked or commented on by many of your peers. This lets you see the most common posts and discussions in which your friends communicate.

However, from your News Feed preferences, you can monitor what you see, or check your privacy settings. So, Facebook News Feed is all about your preferences and behavior on the social media platform. In order to understand what they think about the posts shown to them, the social media platform often surveys users.