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Instagram Launches A New Feature To Let Users Add Pronouns To Their Profiles

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Instagram, the famous social media application, has announced that now users can add up to four pronouns to their profiles. The users can select two options to make it visible only to their followers or let their pronouns appear publicly on their profile. 

Instagram has launched this feature only in particular countries. For users who are below the age of 18, this feature will be turned on by default. One can choose from a long list of pronouns and add them to their profile. She/her/hers, they/them, their/theirs, or he/him/his are some of the pronouns that users can add to their profiles. Not just this, one can even fill a form for adding pronouns that are not available in the list of the options provided by Instagram. You can easily add the preferred pronoun along with your Instagram username in the form. 

“Now, you can add pronouns to your profile with a new field. It’s another way to express yourself on Instagram, and we’ve seen many people adding pronouns already, so hopefully, this makes it even easier. Available in a few countries today with plans for more,” tweeted Vishal Shah, Vice President of Product at Instagram. He shared a glimpse of the latest up-gradation on Twitter.

Much before the launch of this update, the users on Instagram already specified their gender or added specific pronouns to their profiles. Instagram has not yet revealed the names of the countries where this feature has been launched. However, some users in the U.S. are now able to add pronouns to their profiles.

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