LinkedIn Launched Swipe Up Feature For Stories

LinkedIn Launched Swipe Up Feature For Stories

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Linkedin has now officially launched a feature that redirects users to a web link from the stories tab. The latest feature will be helpful for the users. The links will show additional content or lead users to purchase the gateway.

The swipe up feature will be there for Pages and members having at least 5000 connections or followers and must have the ‘Follow’ button instead of ‘Connect’ as the primary move on their Profile.

By one click the eye icon will show link click and unique views, as a part of the Linkedin Story Insights.

Initially, LinkedIn stories were about the launch in India in October 2020 with local additions. At that time it was mentioned that the stories have been introduced to help members to share regular professional moments and experiences with their communities more authentically and casually.

Thus, there is no official statistical information available about the user base active on Stories, or its growth since its launch, LinkedIn has recently introduced updates for it and has also begun monetizing the tab with ads.

The method to add the swipe up feature is by adding a photo or video to your story. Then, need to tap the link icon at the top. Add the URL under ‘Add a link’ the next step is to select the applicable action button. After that tap done and finally tap share story.

Recently, LinkedIn has also announced the rollout of stories ads with a limited number of in a closed beta with all members globally.