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Twitter Is Testing Instagram-like ‘Trusted Friends’ Feature

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Social media giant Twitter is working on new innovations to enable users to select who can view their tweets. A company designer has confirmed the two features that the company is working on. The first feature is the “Trusted Friends” feature. Users having multiple Twitter accounts will be benefited from the second feature.

According to the post, Twitter is testing a brand-new feature that will allow users to send a specific tweet to a set of “Trusted Friends.” This feature appears to be similar to Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature.

As per the tweet, the company is  “exploring many effective ways to manage who can view your Tweets.” Although the designer revealed the testing of these features, the company is not building these features yet.

According to the designer, the second feature would be called Facets and will allow users to tweet using multiple handles from a single account. Thus, the problem of switching between multiple accounts will be resolved through this feature. Furthermore, followers may have the choice of following “the entire account or only the Facets they’re interested in.”

Other social media apps, such as Instagram, are also attempting to improve the platform with new features and modifications. As per the recent report, Instagram is working on a new feature called “Exclusive Stories.” The new feature will provide users access to the stories of their favorite creators.

Exclusive Stories have been seen in several screenshots, and Instagram has verified the feature’s existence. The feature is in the development phase and is being tested internally.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, exclaimed that the company is working on a slew of new features, including ones that would help creators monetize their work on the platform.

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