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Twitter To Launch ‘Blue Tick Badge’ Verification Policy From 2021

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Twitter recently announced that it would implement its account verification process from January 20, 2021. Users are at risk of losing their verified badge as Twitter will automatically remove the incomplete, inactive accounts or that are found to be in severe or repeated violation of the Twitter Rules. The accounts that will make changes before January 20, 2021, will not lose their blue tick badge.

Twitter has analyzed that its verification policy needs more lax profile information and other requirements after it got the reply and felt arbitrary and confusing to many people. Thus, they asked the users to share their feedback between November 24 and December 8 after their announcement that it would relaunch its new verification policy. This public verification program was earlier paused by Twitter three years ago.  

Twitter stated that during the two weeks of public feedback period, the social media platform has received more than 22,000 survey responses that helped in shaping and improving the verification policy.

The company said the new policy would help the future improvements by explaining what verification means, eligibility for verification, and the reasons behind accounts might lose verification. It ensures that the program is unbiased. Based on feedback, Twitter has updated some areas of its verification policy. 

Under new verification policies, the new category which will be recognized by Twitter are media outlets, brands, companies, journalists, entertainment figures, sports-related accounts, and government officials. Government officials have been verified already on case-to-case and when the official process stopped. There will be a wide range of categories, including activists, organizers, and other influential individuals.  The list of categories will be expanded with time.

Twitter will release its new self-serve application verified within the app in early 2021, where the users will choose the category they belong to and confirm their identity. Both humans and an automated system will review the applicant accounts, the social media platform further informed.