Google Chrome Comes Up With New Update – What’s New In Internet Browsing

Google Chrome Comes Up With New Update – What’s New In Internet Browsing

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Google, the most popular search engine, has rolled Chrome version 90 with various additional features designed to reduce data consumption and improve the video conferencing experience. 

The new chrome version 90 has introduced a privacy update that automatically adds HTTPS to a URL when available. Last month, Google explained in a blog post that HTTPS would help when users type “” instead of “” by default. Previously, chrome used HTTP:// as the default protocol, but for now, it comes as defaults to HTTPS://.

The new updates would speed up page loads as Chrome connects directly to the HTTPS endpoint without the need for redirection from HTTP:// to HTTPS://.

In this new Google Chrome update, Chrome 90 introduces the first ‘on/off controls for Google’s Privacy Sandbox. The privacy sandbox includes Google’s controversial FLoC identifier replacement for third-party cookies as part of its design. The feature is still under the beta stage and hasn’t been globally available yet.

Along with the above-mentioned features, Chrome 90 comprises 37 security fixes. External researchers claimed in a report six high-severity issues, 10 medium-severity flaws, and three low-severity flaws.

What’s New In Google Chrome 90 Internet Browsing 

Video meeting quality will improve and consume less– Chrome 90 has been launched with new codecs that provide better compression for video call quality and consume fewer data. Under this update, you can do high-quality video calls on low bandwidth.

HTTPS is here to boost website loading speed and privacy– HTTPS protocol is safe to use and more efficient. Google will open the HTTPS version of the website first by default whenever you open any website on chrome 90.

Better AR experience and gaming on Chrome 90 browser– WebXR Depth-Sensing API will help you better measure the distance between you and the device on which chrome is running. This results in more accurate AR experiences and also improves the gaming experience.

Videos will load faster even on slow internet speed– A new lite mode has been introduced to reduce the compelling video’s bitrate while watching on mobile devices.
This results in faster loading times and better experience on slow data speeds.

Ability to copy-paste files instead of uploading them– You can now copy and paste files on Chrome 90 instead of clicking the upload button for posting a file on a website. This defines that website will not have access to the clipboard always.